Grassroots Motorsports Magazine to Feature Endurance Racing in October Issue!

July 2015 –

 We are excited to report that our friends at Grassroots Motorsports Magazine have a big story planned for their October issue; it introduces new affordable opportunities to participate in Endurance Racing, and compares your racing options. The ALM Positioners Enduro Series at the Autobahn was one of the main focuses of the article, and several of the pictures in the story are from our events. If you have raced with us, you might even have your picture in the magazine!

If you are not familiar with the publication, and would like this issue for free, click this link: . If you have already requested a sample issue in the past, but don’t have a subscription, ALM Positioners Enduro Series drivers and crew have been offered a discounted $16.99 subscription price (regular price $19.99). Click this link and use the discount code DISGRM.

Make sure you order by August 7th to get this October issue that also has a full-on track test of the upcoming ND Miata vs. the NC Miata, a look at old Datsun Z cars and tech stuff on BMW suspension, making a low-dollar race seat and more.

For more information on the ALM Positioners Enduro Series at the Autobahn go to

 Next races:

Sept 19                                 5 Hours                 Autobahn South Track

Oct 31 & Nov 1                  12 Hours              Full Track

All paid entries come with 2 free days of testing prior to the event.