2015 Race Dates Set!

We are pleased to present the 2015 ALM Positioners Cup, an acknowledgement of total performance in the ALM Endurance Race Series at the Autobahn Country Club. The ALM Enduro Series consists of three races culminating with the ALM 12 Hour Enduro at the Autobahn ...the longest in the Midwest.

This year's series starts with a 3.5 hour race on the Autobahn's South track June 13th. The second race is a 5 hour event on September 19th. The premier event will be the final, 12 hour, full course competition, scheduled for the first of November.

June 13
3.5 hrs  
South Track 
Sept 19 
5 hrs  
South Track
5:30p (NASA weekend)
Nov 1
12 hrs 
Full Track   

Particpant Feedback

“I just wanted to drop you a line and express mine and the  teams gratitude for having this event.  Believe me when I tell you it  was a great success!  The whole team enjoyed the event very  much.  This was our 1st attempt at enduro racing and  we're hooked now.  Of course it's all your fault!  You must continue this series!  We will be waiting for next  year's enduro schedule to come out.  We need a 4, 6 and 12 hour events for next year.  We'll be there!”

Thanks, Ken Frey- Team Frey Racing - #3 Porsche 944

ps- Click here for a video we made of the event -

“Gentlemen, Thank you for sponsoring, promoting, hosting, and managing the 12 Hour Enduro.  It was an extremely well run affair.  By my way of thinking, since we had as many cars as this weekends Formula 1 race and had better officiating and less controversy than the NASCAR race I watched last night, it was very successful.”

Thanks again, Jim Morris